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Author Events on Omnimystery News

There are several ways in which you may promote your book on our blog, Omnimystery News, all at NO CHARGE to you.

For advertising options on our family of websites, including our new low-cost Book Promotions on Omnimystery News, visit our Advertising page.

• Submitting a Guest Author Post

Readers are always eager to learn more about an author, and submitting a guest author post can be an effective means of providing background information about one's books and/or characters.

The length of the post is open, but between 300 and 1500 words is usually best. As for the subject, posts can be on almost any topic that you think may be of interest to our readers (and, of course, potential buyers of your books). But please keep it rated G or PG!

If asked for suggestions, I usually say write about how your character(s) came about, why you chose the setting you did, where plot ideas come from, the writing process, the publishing process, how titles and covers are selected, and the like; a look behind the scenes of getting a book written and published is always of interest. But I’ve also seen posts written with a lighter, more personal touch, such as from the perspective of a character, a Q/A between the author and their character, a day in the life of an author, researching settings through first-hand visits, etc. These can be fun and exciting, too! The point is really for the reader to get to know you and your books (and/or characters) a little better.

The submitted format can be anything standard (Word .doc or .rtf is typical). If you’d like an author photo posted, submit that as well in any standard format (e.g. .jpg or .png). If you have a website or Facebook page or Twitter account and want to mention it, please provide the respective links. Finally, please provide a brief biography to include with your post. Your most recent book is always featured as a part of the post.

Guest posts will be published at 8 AM ET.

• Author Interviews

We are pleased to conduct e-mail interviews with authors. We have a standard list of questions from which you can choose those that are most appropriate to your situation.

As with guest author posts, we will include with your interview a photo, links, and biography, and feature your most recent book.

Author interviews will be published at 8 AM ET.

• Book excerpts

A third means of promoting your book on our site is to provide an excerpt for us to publish. If you choose this option, please ensure that the excerpt does not contain any profanity, explicit sex or excessive violence. In other words, keep it rated G or PG. Excerpts — usually the first chapter or two — may be submitted in Word or any other popular format.

As with guest author posts and interviews, we will include a photo, links, and biography, and feature the excerpted book.

Book excerpts will be published at Noon ET.

• Cover Reveals and Giveaways

Other promotional posts that may be of interest are cover reveals and giveaways. For cover reveals, an image is sufficient though if a synopsis is available it should be included. For giveaways, we require that you hold the prize for shipment until a winner is selected and then send the prize to the winner. Please provide any resident/mailing restrictions with your request. All giveaways are handled separately from any other promotional activity.

As with guest author posts and interviews, we will include a photo, links, and biography, and feature the excerpted book.

Cover reveals and giveaways will be published at Noon ET.

• Posting Dates

In general, you can choose your posting date if it has not otherwise been reserved; see our upcoming author events below to check for availability. We require that you submit your content at least a week in advance of your scheduled posting date; we will prepare a draft version of what we intend to post for you to review before it is published.

If you submit content without reserving a date in advance, the first available date will be selected for you.

Author Interviews and Guest Author Posts will be published at 8 AM ET; all other promotional events will be published at Noon ET.

• Our Schedule of Author Events

Below is our calendar of Author Events. Interviews (coded as I) and Author Posts (A) are exclusively scheduled at 8 AM; Excerpts (E), Giveaways (G), and other promotional events (O) are scheduled at Noon (12 PM). TBD indicates that a date has been reserved but the content is to be determined.

Any open date may be reserved for your author event. (You cannot reserve a date from this page; please contact us by e-mail with your request.)

If you are reserving for an Interview or Author Post, please look for open 8 AM dates.

If you are reserving for an Excerpt, Giveaway, or other promotional event (O), please look for open 12 PM dates.

Below the calendar are links to recent author events and a schedule of upcoming ones. For those that have already occurred, the author's name is linked to their event. We encourage you to drop by and visit if you can!

01/30/2018 (Tue): Lauren Carr, Ice (Guest Post)

02/06/2018 (Tue): Lauren Carr, Ice (Interview)

02/19/2018 (Mon): Saralyn Richard, Murder in the One Percent (Interview)

02/20/2018 (Tue): Saralyn Richard, Murder in the One Percent (Interview)

03/01/2018 (Thu): Michael Niemann, Illegal Holdings (Interview)

03/13/2018 (Tue): Leslie Karst, Murder al Fresco (Interview)

03/14/2018 (Wed): Leslie Karst, Murder al Fresco (Guest Post)

And here is a list of upcoming guest author events (published at 8 AM ET unless otherwise indicated) …

03/15/2018 (Thu): Leslie Karst, Murder al Fresco (Excerpt)

07/04/2018 (Wed): Independence Day (No Author Event) (NO POST)

11/23/2018 (Fri): Thanksgiving (NO POST)

11/24/2018 (Sat): Day after Thanksgiving (NO POST)

12/17/2018 (Mon): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/18/2018 (Tue): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/19/2018 (Wed): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/20/2018 (Thu): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/21/2018 (Fri): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/22/2018 (Sat): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/23/2018 (Sun): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/24/2018 (Mon): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/25/2018 (Tue): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/26/2018 (Wed): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/27/2018 (Thu): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/28/2018 (Fri): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/29/2018 (Sat): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/30/2018 (Sun): Christmas Week (NO POST)

12/31/2018 (Mon): Con Lehane, Murder in the Manuscript Room (Excerpt)

12/31/2018 (Mon): New Year's Eve ()

01/01/2019 (Tue): New Year's Day (NO POST)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by sending a message to And thank you for considering to be a guest author on Omnimystery News.